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V I D E O  T U T O R I A L S

Check out the video tutorials below to learn more about how the various ScoreNavigator tools and products work!


Have you been reading your credit reports incorrectly this whole time?  Not to worry, majority of the people are!  With ScoreNavigator, we provide an important piece of information called Point Deductions.  By knowing what your Point Deductions are, your focus can now be directed to the accounts that matter the most.  Because in all honesty, what you assume is hurting your scores may not always be the case.


How does one establish good credit?  By having healthy financial habits!  What good is a credit report and scores if you don't have the actions behind it to back you up?  And sometimes you have to start from the basics.  It's okay. 


Learn how to do it right and it gets easier from there.  ScoreNavigator has budgeting tools, various calculators, and valuable information to help you understand how much you're bringing in, spending, and where you need work on.


Now that you know which accounts to work on, the next step would require you to take action.  That's where our 3 powerful simulators come into play.  The Target Score and Money Simulator will provide the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to reach your goals and with the amount of money you have available.  Whereas the Manual Simulator will allow you to see how paying off, settling, deleting, or changing a status on an account may affect your scores.

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