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ScoreNavigator, Inc., renowned for its expertise in credit report data and financial analytics, is proud to announce its strategic alliance with Ice Technology, a leading provider of mortgage software solutions. This alliance is set to redefine the mortgage application process, integrating ScoreNavigator's groundbreaking Mortgage Action Plan into the Encompass platform, which is extensively used by loan originators. This initiative signifies a transformative step towards enhancing the mortgage application journey, offering unmatched support to both loan originators and borrowers.

Central to this collaboration is the integration of ScoreNavigator's Mortgage Action Plan — a comprehensive, actionable guide designed to assist borrowers in improving their buying power. Utilizing the sophisticated point deduction technology and detailed financial analysis tools from ScoreNavigator, the plan offers personalized recommendations, enabling borrowers to proactively elevate their creditworthiness. Included is one of ScoreNavigator’s innovative tools: the Target Score Simulator. This simulator allows both the loan originator and borrower to set their desired score – the “target score” – and then provides a customized set of actions and behavioral changes required to achieve the score. This pivotal integration within the Encompass platform ensures that loan originators have immediate access to these insights, facilitating a streamlined and efficient loan processing workflow.

Now, with this integration, borrowers themselves will have direct access to the Mortgage Action Plan. This unprecedented move allows potential homeowners to engage with the same advanced tools and analyses that loan originators use, fostering a deeper understanding of their credit situation and what actions can be taken to improve their prospects for loan approval.

In addition to accessing the Mortgage Action Plan, borrowers will have the opportunity to subscribe to ScoreNavigator's full suite of products. This subscription provides continuous education and tools necessary for long-term credit management and financial health. With these resources, borrowers can maintain an ongoing relationship with their credit, learning how to leverage it to their advantage well beyond the mortgage application process.

ScoreNavigator’s synergy with Ice Technology is not just about integrating our Mortgage Action Plan into Encompass. It’s about creating a direct conduit for borrowers to become more informed and empowered in their financial decisions. By providing borrowers with access to our Mortgage Action Plan and the option to subscribe to our products, we are opening up new avenues for credit optimization and financial literacy. By giving loan originators and borrowers alike access to powerful tools for credit optimization, this collaboration is set to streamline the application review process, reduce turnaround times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

With the integration of the Mortgage Action Plan into the Encompass platform and the option for borrowers to subscribe to ScoreNavigator's products, the dream of homeownership is closer than ever. The integration of ScoreNavigator's Mortgage Action Plan into Encompass is slated for rollout in the coming months. Loan originators interested in taking advantage of this new feature are encouraged to visit to learn more and stay tuned for further updates.

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